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■iiMMMM— >«imnwn'i»iwi»ii iwi iiiiiihiiimuhm— a— M 


Something For Everyone 


Anyone and Everyone 


A Little Bit of Spice 

Live A Little 


Everything It Takes 


A Place For Everyone 

A Place For Everything 


A Little Bit Of Everything 


Editors: Tara Hall 

Shelly Chapman 

Community College 

Advisor: Bob Hodges 


t Hinds i 

ds stu< 
_nts _ 

I wh 

2 Opeilin 

■'■ ■■'.'.- ;'-■ ■": > 


■ 4 

■ J 1 

■ * ■ : ' r ■ 

f. * ''- 


^ Mi 

''""" *flj 

IK/ f 

** JL- 

4 k. * J^*' TTfl^P 

: V f 

uiir . - 
W' -" ' J 

i -40- ;^| 

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•ry de< 


6 Opening 


a breaK: from taisy schediaies to 
mamk*etfents ajrid^etivities 


thletes. Studen 
attending pep rallie 
es, cheeri 
i Hinds fan from a ml 


heights is what sets Hinds apart frr 
r c^eges,; Going to class jtakes up 


learn. Runni 
ew "organis 
sfficeitb see i, 

nside tirjae to dro 
™t with frie 


Opening 9 

^Qx&M ::# : *l : ^-fe ■ A^M^&V: 


10 / Events 

for Everyone 

Events / 1 1 

Shrine Bowl — A Close One 

Hinds athletic director Rene Warren presents Grady Jackson with his Shrine Bowl Came 


The nationally ranked number five Hinds Eagles lost their bid for a 
national championship title with a 21-14 loss to the Buccaneers of 
Blinn College in the Texas Junior College Shrine Bowl played in Tyler, 
Texas. The Eagles finished the 1995 season with a 10-2 record. 


12 / Events 

NJCAA World Series 

It was the second appearance for the Hinds Eagles in the NJCAA Division 11 World Series 
In Millington, Tennessee. Hinds lost to Carl Albert and to Massasoit in the 1995 series. 

Events / 13 

• • • 


• • 

• • • 

• • • 

• • • 

Festive as always! 

1995 Homecoming Court 

14 / Events 


• • 

• • 

• • 

^- - 

Alumnus of the Year Marian Carmichael speaks to the audience. 

Jimmy Morton, Alumni Service Award recipient, addresses a crowd. 

The new Homecoming Queen followed by the former one. 

Events / 15 

1995 Miss Hinds Pageant 

Pageant winners were from left, Lacey Farmer — fourth alternate, Clinton. Allison Conn — first alternate, 
Brandon; Heather Bouler — Miss Hinds; Lauren Worthey — swimsuit winner, Clinton; Mary Ellen Foster — 
second alternate, Richland; and Kimberly English — third alternate, Vicksburg. 

The 1995 winner of the Miss 
Hinds Pageant, Heather Bouler, 
represented Hinds Community 
College in Vicksburg in the Miss 
Mississippi Pageant. Those en- 
tered in the Miss Hinds Pageant 
were judged on interview, swim- 
suit, evening gown, and talent. 
Mrs. Anna Bee served as pageant 
director. Stage lighting was pro- 
vided by the Circle K Club. 



Events 17 

18 Events 

Events 19 

• • 

• • 

1 995 Beauty Pageant 

Mrs. Anna Bee (Sponsor), Allison Dahduh (Beauty), Tiffany Davis (Beauty), Nycole Sheffield (Beauty), Shannon Hardy (Moat Beautiful), Amy tar 
(Beauty), Andrea Smith (Beauty) and Dr. Muse (President). 

20 / Events 

Dust and Angels 




The Lendon Players Opened the fall season 
with the production of "Dust and Angels" by 
Avigdor Ben David. The play ran from October 
31-November 4. "Dust and Angels" is a hu- 
morous tale of the Garden of Eden and explains 
why things happened the way they did in a 
thought provoking, not strictly religious attitude. 
Cast members included Gwen Robinson as God, 
David Harris as Satan, Joseph Keck as Adam, 
and Jessica Lemon as Eve. The chorus consisted 
of Katie Beard, Susan Green, and Heather 
Hodges. The play was directed by Denise 
Halbach and Assistant director Kenl Lowery. 

22 / Events 

The Odd Couple 

The Hinds Community College Organization of The Lendon Players performed a female version of The 
Odd Couple by Nell Simon February 28-March 2, The cast consisted of Gwen Robinson as Sylvie, 
Andrae Jones as Mickie, Susan Green as Renee, Jessica Lemon as Vera, Keni Lowrey as Olive Madison, 
Aiisha Dickens as Florence dinger, Joseph Keck as Manolo Constazuela, and Lucas Sparks as Jesus 
Constazuela. Director of the play, Denise Halbach, reported, "It Is so incredibly funny that we can hardly 
keep from laughing during rehearsals." 

Events / 23 

Mississippi and the Arts Week 1 995 

• m 

Hinds Community College presented it 
successful Mississippi and the Arts Week 
for the 13th year. Many popular speakers 
and musicians offered their time in doing 
the programs. MAW provides a variety of 
programs for students, faculty, and the 

CC Henley 

24 / Events 

Events / 25 

Hiney-Ho Day 

26 / Events 

Events / 27 

The Year in Review 

On October 3, 1995, the long-running, real-life soap opera played its final episode. 
Americans had followed the trial for more than a year. However, the jury reached 
its verdict in less than four hours deliberation. After Simpson's release, he vowed 
he would dedicate his life to finding the real killers. 

For a few days, a religious man dominated the headlines. For a change, it gave 
Americans something good to talk about. Pope John Paul II made his visit to the 
United States in early October 1995. Throughout his visit, the pope called for a 
greater attention to the needs of the less fortunate. 

"The sight you see before you . . . was impossible, was unthinkable, just three 
years ago," Israel's Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin told those present at the East 
Room of the White House. The "sight" was the signing of an accord between 
Israel and the PLO. President Clinton presided over the ceremony which 
featured two hours of speeches and pageantry before an audience of diplomats, 
foreign ministers, Cabinet secretaries, and members of Congress. 

On the evening of October 4, 1995, Hurricane Opal came ashore on Florida's 
Gulf Coast, packing winds of 125 miles per hour. The storm destroyed or 
damaged thousands of homes and businesses along the edge of the Gulf Coast. 
Before it was through, the storm had killed at least 20 people in four states and 
caused at least $1.8 billion in damages to insured properties. 

28 Events 

It was a match between two players vying got the top position in women's 
tennis. On September 9, 1995 Germany's Steffi Graf emerged as *1 as she beat 
Monica Seles in New York to win her fourth U.S. Open title. In spite of her 
defeat on the tennis court, Monica Seles feels like a victor of sorts. This loss 
was the first in a dozen matches that marked her inspired return to the sport 
after a two-year absence. 

The leader of the Grateful Dead is now gone. Garcia, the co-founder of rock 
music's The Grateful Dead, died of a heart attack while in a drug rehabilitation 
center in San Francisco. The guitarist, composer and singer passed away on 
August 9, 1995, only eight days after his 53rd birthday. Deadheads, as the 
group's followers are known, quickly gathered to note the passing of their fallen 
leader. A single rose was tied to a tree in front of a San Francisco address where 
the group began in 1964. 

This summer it seemed as though Hootie and the Blowfish were playing every time you turned on the radio. The four-man rock group that seemed to come out of 
nowhere did not go unnoticed on the video scene. Hootie, featuring vocals by lead singer Darius Rucker, won an MTV award for best new artist for their video, "Hold 
My Hand." 


» V.--> 

Despite continued NATO air strikes and U.N. peace efforts, the conflict in the former Yugoslavia has been raging on. The former Yugoslavia has been the scene of a 
civil war since June 1991, and the fighting intensified in 1992 after the republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina declared its independence. Even still, in 1996, the conflict 
and peace talks continue. 

Events 29 


President — Dr. Clyde Muse 

i granddaughter Undsey-Claire 
s at the Texas Junior College 


rainy night In Raymond as Dr. Muse views the 
lOOtball game with the Northwest Rangers. 


s l 

I \ 1 



' :•- 


•V*' vs 




• m 

• • 


• ••••••••• 

• • 

Adam Jenkins 

.Vice President of Business Services - 

•Dr. Michael Rabalais 

Vice President for Raymond Campus/ Jackson 
Campus Nursing/ Allied Health Center 
and Director of College Parallel Programs 

Troy Henderson 

Vice President for Physical 
Plant and Auxiliary Services 



Jimmy Smith 

Vice President for Rankin Campus/ Jackson Campus 

Academic/Technical Center and Director of 

Occupational Programs 

Dr. George Barnes 

Vice President for Otica Campus/Vlcksburg Warren 

County Branch and Administrative and Student Services 

J. Louis Stokes 

Executive Assistant for 

Special Projects 

People /35 


Jobie Martin-President 
Hinds County 

D.G. Fountain, Jr.-Vice President 
Hinds County 

Dr. Leslie Johnson-Secretary 
Hinds County 

Dr. Lelia Rhodes 
Hinds County 

Dr. James McCullouch 
Hinds County 

Dr. Cardell Williams 
Claiborne County 

Dr. William H. Dodson 
Rankin County 

36 / People 

>f Trustees 

Robert Pickett 
Warren County 

Dr. Ginger Smith 
Hinds County 

Donald Oakes 
Warren County 

Dale Sullivan 
Copiah County 

F. C. Fox, Jr. 
Claiborne County 

John Patrick 
Rankin County 

Dr. Ray Holloway 
Copiah County 

Talmadge Portis, Jr. 

People / 37 


Jackie Granberry 

Dr. Barbara 

Rene Warren 

Norma Wall 

Director of 


District Director- 

District Director of 


District Dean of 






and Media Services 

Bob Bain 

Dr. E. R. Wall 

Dr. David Durham 

Harriet Vickers 

District Director 

District Dean, 

Academic Dean 

District Director 

Admissions & 


Public Relations 




Information System 

Bob Mullins 

Dean/ Resource 

and Coordinating 

Unit for economic 


and Adult & 



Robert Oakes 

Dean of Students 

Rankin Campus 

Pat Flaherty 
Dean/ Vocational- 

Mary Ann Sones 

Dean of Nursing/ 

Allied Health Center 

K. P. Lewis 
Director of 

Rosalynn Martin 

Joe Huffman 

Director of Personnel 




38 / People 

Dr. Eldridge 


Director of Adult 

Basic Education 


Dr. Thad Owens 

Hilton Dyar 

Cliff Nelson 

Rita Warren 

Superintendent of 


Director of 

Executive Secretary/ 


Vicksburg/ Warren 



County Branch 

Counseling & Testing 

and Student Support 



Clark Henderson 

Gene Murphy 

Leroy Levy 

Millie Lester 

district Director of 

Assistant Athletic 


Assistant Dean- 


Director & Head 



Education & 

Football Coach 

Technical Center 

Academic/ Technica 



Charles West 

Judy Bufkin 

Curtis Kynerd 


Director/ Facilities 

Director of Media 

Computer Services 

Use and Janitorial 


Marguerite Wall 

Director/ Small 


Development Center 

Dr. Wayne 


Academic Dean for 

Rankin/ Jackson 

Technical Center 

Bill Wilson 
Dean of Vocational- 
Technical Education- 
Rankin Campus 

Dr. James Pettigrew 

Director/ High 



Jeannette Morrison 

Assistant Dean of 




Ann Grove 

Larry Coleman 

John Perritt 

Zandra Nowell 

Assistant Director/ 

Chief/ Campus Police 


Coordinator of 

Financial Aid 



and Veterans 

Foundation/ Alumni 



Gloria Coxwell 

Gayle Senter 

Patsy Mayo 

Dr. John Woods 

Assistant Dean- 


Tech Prep 


Nursing/ Allied 

Dean/ Raymond 


Industrial Services 

Health Center 


Faye Wilkinson 
Assistant Dean of 
Vicksburg- Warren 

County Branch 

Bebe Garrison 
School Relations 

Ken Anderson 
Director of Housing 

Willie Ealey 

Assistant Director 

Public Relations 

Jack Hite 

Director of Student 

40 ./. People 


Reggie Harris 

Billy Boykin 

Director of Energy 




Bob Hodges 

Assistant Director 

Public Relations 


Thurman Mitchell 
Director/ Financial 

& Veteran Affairs 

Janis McCoy 

Dr. Don Simmons 

Coordinator of 

Director, Eagle Ridge 


Conference Center 

& Government 


Lucy Rushing 

Carol Kelley 

Mary Ellen Powell 

Barbara Mayo 

Karen Robbins 

Coordinator - Deaf 


Workforce Specialist 



Assistant for 





System Manager for 

1-800-HINDS CC 

Jay Allen 





te! •■• ■• •'•-- ' ■ ■ 

'•■---■- • - " ■ 



1 I ';"'•■'■■ 

Rebecca Davidson 

Billy Ivey 

Gene Broadwater 


Assistant Media 

Chief Accountant 


Center Director 

Office Manager 

Education/ Health 


Shanna Moak 

Joe Nelson 

Lesley McLendon 

Coordinator of 

Assistant Director 



Facilities Use/ 


Learning and 



s3f-Vi.oBa ■39s 

People / 41 

Faculty & Staff 

Joyce Adams — Related Studies 

Jerry Agent — Speech 

Lou Anne Askew — Remedial Services 

Jerry Ainsworth — Hospitality & Tourism 

Wade Alexander — Carpentry 

Lynda Allen — Mathematics 

Cissi Anderson — Purchasing 

Rhonda Armstrong — Nursing 

Sherry Avenmarg — Continuing Education 

Mac Baker — Distribution & Marketing 


Patty Baker — Nursing 

Faye Barham — English 

Elaine Barr — Related Studies 

Linda Bath — Business Technology 

Anna Bee — Hi-Stepper Director 

42 / People 

James Bell — Chemistry 

Kenneth Benson — Psychology 

Lucretia Berry — Reading/ English Developmental 


Gretchen Bethany — Hall Director 
Edna Bilbro — Business Admin. 
Terri Black — Physical Education 

Linda Blackwell — Counselor 

Peggy Blackwell — Music 

Edith Booth — Interpreter for the Deaf 

Tammy Bowles — District Photographer 
Dr. Dell Broadway — Business Technology 
O. D. Burch — Custodian 

Nancy Butler — Nursing 

Leslie Cabell — Secretary 

Tiffany Caldwell — Graphic Specialist 

People / 43 

Cheryl Carr — Business Technology 

Jerry Carr — English 

Margaret Carr — Remedial Studies 

Eddie Carson — Refrigeration 

Terry Carter — Drafting & Design 

Sharron Cauthen — Business Administration 

Dr. Shu Chang — Chemistry 

Robert Cheesman — Music/ Stage Band 

Ray Cody — Aviation Maintenance Technology 

Art Compere — Mathematics 

Sandy Crook — Nursing 

Barbara Cruse — Secretary 



Lamar Currie — Meat Merchandising 

Opan Dakin — Biology 

Wendell Deer — Mathematics/ Physics 

44 / People 

Jean Dona — Disabled Students Services 
Tommy Douglas — Airframe & Powerplant 
Doris Downing — Barbering 

Bob Allan Dunaway — Art 

Paula Duren — Art 

Bill Eaton — Electronics Technology 

Ann Eaves — Music 

Sharon Egbert — Transition/ Preparatory 


Angela English — Biology 

Ben Fatherree — History 
Beverly Fatherree — English 
Sharon Feaster — Biology 

Terry Fletcher — Music/Choir 
Elvalene Floyd — Nursing 
Judy Fortenberry — Nursing 

People / 45 

Patricia Frazier — Math Lab Assistant 

Dorothy Gardner — Learning Lab Manager 

Godfrey Garner — Criminal Justice 

Laurie George — Secretary 

Barbara Glasscock — Nursing 

Dr. Bobby Glenn — Veterinary Technology 

Angela Griffin — Business 

Jean Greene — Library 

William Hairston — History 

Denise Halbach — Speech & Theater 

Walter Hammack — Electronics Engineer Tech. 

Martha Hand — Computer Technology 

Robert Hancock — Campus Police 

Lonnie Harper — Industrial Drafting 

Pam Harper —r Library Technical Assistant 

46 / People 

Michael Hataway — Commercial Design & Adv. 
L. C. Henderson — Bricklaying 
Martha Hill — Landscape Technology 

Dean Hodges — Heavy Equipment Maintenance 
Dr. Daniel Hogan — Mathematics 
Jo Hollman — Sociology 

Charlie Hubbard — Vocational Counseling 

Linda Hughes — Nursing 

Jennifer Hydrick — District Graphic Artist 

John Ingwerson — Music 

Judy Isonhood — Related Studies 

Connie Jackson — Custodian 

sP .'■'- ■ ■'■ 

Sara Jenkins — English 

Barbara Johnson — Nursing 

Dean Johnson — Plumbing/ Pipe Fitting 

People / 47 

Joe Johnson — Work-Based Learning 


Kay Jones — Nursing 

George Kelly — English 

Diane Kelly — Library Technical Assistant 

Margaret Kelly — Cashier 

Glenn Kemp — Welding 

Chrissy King — Medical Assistant Technology 

Mary Kuhn — Sociology 

Inda Laney — Data Processing 

Dana Langley — Postal/ Duplicating Clerk 

Ann Laster — English 

Kenneth Lawrence — : Campus Police 

Nadine Lawson -^-Secretary 

Alexander Lee -=• Developmental Math 

Wanda J Lewis -^ Biology 

48 / People 

Alma Lofton — Business Admin. 
Larry Lofton — Business Admin. 
Mary Lou Lott — Music 


Gil Magee — Interpreter Training/ Deaf 
Dr. John Manchester — Music 
Alice Margolis — Library 

Polly Marshall — English 
Roma Martin — Bookstore Clerk 
Ann Mason — Music 

Kathryn Mauch — Nursing 

Shirley Mays — Business 

Dr. Cleon McKnight — Chemistry/ Tennis coach 



Nancy McMurtrey — Child Care & Development 
Herbert McPhail — Auto Body & Frame 
Hilda McRaney — Reading 

People / 49 

Joe Meador — Drafting 

Loyce Miles — History 

Kyle Mize — Distribution & Marketing Tech. 

Larry Moss — Printing Coordinator 

Mickey Mott — Automotive Parts & Service 

Vashti Muse — Reading 

Janice Nail — Library Technical/ Periodicals 

Murray Neal — Barbering 

Carol Nelson — Vo-Tech Counselor 

Kathy Nelson — Cashier 

Joyce Newton — Secretary 

Deborah Nichols — Softball/ Physical Educ. 

Pat Owen — Sex Equity Coordinator 

Gerald Pabst — Chemistry/ Microbiology 

Linda Patens-— Business Technology 

50 / People 

Pamela Perry — Bankteller Program 
Dr. Nell Ann Pickett — English 
Sue Pitts — English 

Darnelle Poe — Secretary 
Jim Porch — Offset Printing 
Russell Poirrier — Offset Printing 

Jen Powers — Business Technology 

Cindy Pulliam — Nursing 

Leslea Purvis — Hearing Impaired Specialist 

Jacqueline Quinn — Library Technical Assistant 

Polly Rabalais — Physical Education 

LaDonna Hathorn Redd — Single Parent Counselor 

Joy Reid — English 

Joe Riggins — Mathematics 

Minnie Riley — Mathematics 

People / 51 

Ann Rinehart — Financial Aid/Veterans Advisor 

Susan Ringer — Psychology 

Jerry Roberts — Distribution & Marketing Tech. 


■~'-~iS f -' 

Dick Robertson — Business 
Carol Robinson — Counseling 
Mickey Roth — Political Science 

Joyce Russell — Data Processing 

Russ Schneider — Art 

Denise Scifres — History 

Beverly Shaw — Music 

Dr. Roland Shaw — Music 

Tom Shepherd — Economics 

Hazel Shows — Math 

Dene Bass-Simmons — Nursing 

June Sisk — Receptionist-Secretary 

52 / People 

Jane Skinner — Nursing 
Randy Smith — Counseling 
Tammy Smith — Bookstore Clerk 

Stuart Spann — Data Processing 
John Strange — Mathematics 
Elizabeth Stephens — Nursing 

Blanchie Sutton — VTE Special Population 


Norma Temple — Mathematics 

Nancy Tenhet — Library 

Doc Thomas — Science 

Sonya Tigrett — Interpreter Training 

Deborah Tubbs — Sales Clerk 

■-' ,: ' ' 1 ' ■ "'"'^ 

Betty Clnsworth — Technical Assistant 
Alec Valentine — English 
Dr. Sandra Vance — History 

V s 


People / 53 

Jackie Waite — JTPA Office 

Anna Jean Warren — Secretary 

Penny Watts — Secretary 

Jan Whatley — Nursing 
Susan Wilbanks — Paralegal 
Daniece Williams — Biology 

Jerry Williamson — Philosophy 
Paula Wimbish — Reading 
Martha Wilkins — History 

Rhoda Woodard — Emergency Medical Tech. 
Stephanie Woods — English 

5>4 / People 


People / 55 

>6 / People 


People / 57 


The Student section of the EAGLE features students who chose to have their pictures 
-taken on a voluntary basis. This was not a requirement. 

1 1 jj 

^ 1/1 MA*" ' 



• ••••• 

• •••••• 

• • • 

• • • • 

Tangela Banks 

Robyn Barksdale 

Robert Baugh 

Susie Bell 


Casey Bennett 

Bridgit Bozeman 

Trey Breckenridge 

Shannon Brent 

60 People 


• • • • 

• ••••• 

• • • • • 

• • • • • 

Alison Broom 

Shannon Burnett 

Candace Burt 

Bridget Cagle 

Brand! Carmichael 

Rhonda Cecel 

Jenni Chase 

People 61 


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 

Jenny Coleman 

Stephan Creal 

Lacasta Cutrer 

Leslie Dickerson 

Carol Douglas 

Latonia Earnest 

Stephen Emerson 

62 People 


Mark Eubanks 

April Evans 

Mary Jean Evans 

Kenneth Fisher 

[ J00"*®' 

Alana Fonville 

Jennifer Foote 

Julianna Qell 

Shelley Gibson 

People 63 


• • • • 


Jessica Given 

Timothy Orant 

Tony Grayson 

Mary Alyson Green 


Brandy Gressett 


Kristpher Hgmel 

Allison Harper 

64 People 


• • • • 

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 

Rachal Harris 

Rob Hataway 

Brenda Herren 

Jamie House 

Ton! Hutchinson 

Connie Jackson 

Mannix Jacobs 

Brenda Jenkins 

People 65 


• • • 

• ••••• 

• • • • 

• ••••• 

Deborah Jenkins 

Maria Johnston 

Jessica Lemon 

Jamie LePhew 

Emy Lilley 

Stephanie Manning 

Tina Manning 

Donna Massis 

66 People 


> • 

• • 

Amanda May 

Sara McClendon 

Jami McCollough 

Catina McLaurin 

Brandl Measells 

Chrlsta Melllnger 

Luke Milbourne 

Linda Moss 

People 67 


• • • • • 

• ••••••••••••• 

• • • 

Karen Neal 

Renee Newman 

Julie Noel 

Cafe O'Connor 

%8r **Jlf: 

Melissa O'Quinn 

Kim Owen 

Mark Palmer 

April Parish 

68 People 


Kimble Parkman 

Tonya Pierce 

Donald Pope 

Christopher Reid 

A A 

Justin Rhodes 

Gretchen Rhyne 

Jennifer Robertson 

Lindsay Rose 

People 69 


• • 

• •••••••••••••••••• 

Robert Ross 

Ann Marie Ship 

Angie Slay 

Andrea Smith 

Larina Smith 

Charlotte Stasher 


I - 






1 1 

1 ! 

1 i 

; j 

*MX lit 

Brad Tarver 

Margaret Tate 

70 People 



Misty Taylor 

Donald Watson, Jr. 

Tina Watson 

John Paul Welgand 

Rhonda White 

11, ,JKk mk im/M 

Ian Williams Tiffany Williams 

People 71 



• ' • 

Angela Winn 

Shantrell Winters 

Dina Woodfield 

Jeffery Wootten 

72 People 

74 / Features 

A Little 
Bit of Spice 

Features / 75 




I I : - --, > .jLa. ' ; 



Markeltz Lofton 

*. ■$ 


Trcm.iynr Kotwrt- 

'-* '4*s»' 









80 Features 



Features 81 






82 Features 

.' I 


tf M 

, - 

ndrea Smith 



. -* 




SN a 

c A 

84 Features 



Features 85 

Beauty Pageant 

■ • 

•• ! 

• '■[ ;fW 


I iK '' 

! i 

% 1j 




1 H WF 

1 BF7Jl;™r ^J 


! i §§§ pi ■a j - ', ? 



K JSS&t 


la ^ 

/• / , 

Miss Hinds 1995 

Marian Pickett Carmichael 

1995 Alumnus of the Year Marian Pickett Carmichael graduated from Hinds Junior College in 1942 

She has devoted her life to, first, her family and church, and second, for the past 44 years, to volunteer work with the 
Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service. 

The caliber of her volunteer service and leadership on the local, state, and national levels has brought her many 
awards and tokens of appreciation and recognition. 

Carmichael has been a member of the Hinds Community College Development Foundation for many years, and 
sponsors two scholarships through the Foundation. In 1988, she and her four sisters endowed the Pickett Scholarship 
in honor of their parents Eva and F. N. Pickett. And, in 1990, she endowed the Marian Carmichael Scolarship. 

She is married to Harris Carmichael, and their three children graduated with honors from Hinds. The Carmichaels 
reside in Gtica. 

88 :./ Events 

Jimmy Morton 

1995 Alumni Service Award Recipient Jimmy Morton attended Hinds on the Development Foundation's R. E. "Ed" 
Woolley Scholarship and graduated in 1982. 

An alumnus of Mississippi State University, Morton is the owner, along with his wife Lesley, of the Chimneyville 
Smoke House restaurant and catering service in Jackson. 

Following the lead of his benefactor, friend, and mentor, R. E. Woolley, and his own desire to help others the way he 
was helped at Hinds, led Morton to service on the HCC Development Foundation Board several years ago. During that 
time he has donated generously of his time to lecture to Hinds classes on his experiences to vocational students on 
projects for his business. Additionally, he has donated catered meals for many staff development and other activities. 

The Mortons live in Jackson. 

Events / 89 


3-E Award at Hinds - Receiving Hinds Com- 
munity College's highest employee award 
during the annual Employee Appreciation 
Dinner on May 12, were Lamar Currie of 
Utica, left, meat merchandising instructor, 
and Dr. Roger Jones of Raymond, second 
from right, meat merchandising manager 
and instructor. They are pictured with Col- 
lege President Dr. Clyde Muse and Insti- 
tutional Advancement Director Jackie 
Cranberry. In addition to their regular du- 
ties, Currie and Jones donate many hours 
of personal time and effort preparing meals 
for College events and alumni fund raisers. 
The award signifies the Hinds Community 
College Emphasis on Excellence and En- 

munity College honored 1995 Outstanding 
Academic Instructors of the Year during its 
annual Employee Appreciation Dinner held 
May 12 on the Raymond Campus. From left, 
Deborah McCollum of Clinton, Raymond 
Campus English instructor, 14 years of ser- 
vice; Gary Fox of North Jackson, Rankin 
Campus English instructor and humanities 
division chairman, five years of service; Rosia 
Crisler of North Jackson, Raymond Campus 
English and foreign language instructor, 24 
years of service (also designated 
"Distinguished" in this category); Dr. Bobby 
Cooper of North Jackson, Utica Campus 
English instructor, 25 years of service. They 
were among 26 HCC employees honored as 
Outstanding in six categories during the din- 
ner program which is sponsored each year by 
the HCC Development Foundation and Valley 
Innovative Management Services. 

Community College honored its outstanding 
Staff Members of the Year — 
Crafts/Trades/Services for 1995 during the 
twelfth annual Employee Appreciation Dinner 
held May 12 on the Raymond Campus. From 
left, Ron Jones, of Utica, shipping and re- 
ceiving inventory control assistant, Raymond 
Campus, ten years of service; Ann White of 
Bolton, grounds keeper, Raymond Campus, 
16 years of service; Tommy Lyons of 
Learned, warehouse director, Raymond Cam- 
pus, five years of service; Clifford Irving of 
Raymond, facilities use leader, Raymond 
Campus, six years of service (also designated 
"Distinguished" in this category); and Arthur 
Mays of Raymond, janitorial supervisor and 
building inspector, Raymond Campus, six 
years of service. They were among 26 HCC 
employees honored as Outstanding in Six 
categories during the dinner program which 
is sponsored each year by the HCC Devel- 
opment Foundation and Valley Innovative 
Management Services. 

90 / People 


Community College honored its 1995 Out- 
standing Administrative Non-Teaching 
Professionals of the Year during the twelfth 
annual Employee Appreciation Dinner held 
May 12 on the Raymond Campus. From 
left, Dr. Barbara Blankenship of Raymond, 
District Dean of Students, 12 years of ser- 
vice; Dr. Clyde Muse of Raymond, District 
President, 17 years of service (also des- 
ignated "Distinguished" in this category); 
and Patsy Mayo of Raymond, Raymond 
Campus tech-prep coordinator, four years 
of service. They were among 26 HCC em- 
ployees in six catergories who were 
honored during the dinner program which 
is co-sponsored each year by the HCC 
Development Foundation and Valley Inno- 
vative Management Services. 

munity College honored Outstanding Vocation- 
al-Technical Instructors of the Year for 1995 
during its annual Employee Appreciation Dinner 
held May 12 the Raymond Campus. From left, 
Verlene Redfieid of South Jackson, (Jtica Cam- 
pus clothing and textile instructor, six years of 
service; Lamar Currie of Otica, Raymond Cam- 
pus meat merchandising Instructor, seven years 
of service; Darryl Jenkins of South Jackson, 
(Jtica Campus electronics instructor, three years 
of service; Michael Hataway of Raymond, Ray- 
mond Campus graphic communications in- 
structor and chairman, 24 years of service (also 
designed "Distinguished" in this category); and 
Nina Kerstine of South Jackson, medical lab- 
oratory technology instructor, Jackson Campus 
— Nursing/ Allied Health Center, four years of 
service. They were among 26 HCC employees in 
six categories who were honored as Outstanding 
during the dinner program, which is sponsored 
each year by the HCC Development Foundation 
and Valley Innovative Management Services. 

Organizations / 91 

Employees Honored 

munity College honored Its 1995 Outstanding 
Staff Members of the Year — Cleri- 
cal/Technical during the twelfth annual Em- 
ployee Appreciation Dinner held May 12 on the 
Raymond Campus, From left, Annie Dixon of 
(itica, Raymond Campus finance officer, seven 
years of service; Florence Lewis of Raymond 
who recently transferred from Jackson Campus 
— Nursing/ Allied Health Center administrative 
secretary and finance officer to Raymond Cam- 
pus administrative secretary, 17 years of ser- 
vice; Bonnie Hall of Flowood, Rankin Campus 
finance officer, six years of service; Peggy 
Smith of South Jackson, administrative sec- 
retary, Jackson Campus — Academic Tech- 
nical Center, seven years of service (also des- 
ignated "Distinguised;" in this category); and 
Barbara Cruse of Raymond, Raymond Campus 
secretary/bookkeeper, six years of service. 
They were among 26 HCC employees in six 
categories who where honored as Outstanding 
during the dinner program which is sponsored 
each year by the HCC Development Foundation 
and Valley Innovative Management Services. 

Community College honored its Outstand- 
ing Secondary Instructors of the Year for 
1995 during the twelfth annual Employee 
Appreciation Dinner held May 12 on the 
Raymond Campus. From left, Sandra 
Stonecypher of Brandon, Rankin Campus 
special populations coordinator, eight 
years of service; Ernest MeFadden of 
Southwest Jackson, Rankin Campus auto 
mechanics instructor, 12 years of service; 
and Willie Wilcher of Crystal Springs, (Jtica 
Campus — Hinds County Agricultural High 
School English and language arts instruc- 
tor, 21 years of service (also desginated 
"Distinguished" in this category). They 
were among 26 HCC employees honored as 
Outstanding in six categories during the 
dinner program which is co-sponsored 
each year by the HCC Development Foun- 
dation and Valley Innovative Management 


1 995 Sports Hall of Fame 

Dr, Byrle A. Kynerd 

1959-1961, Football 

Basketball, and Track 

Dr. Roland Cranford 


Basketball and Baseball 

Jerry Huskey 


Football and Track 

Dr. Thomas Wayne Lee> Jr. 

Rudie R. Soileau 



People / 93 

Who's Who Among Students In 

,0^ x >- 

Jennifer Adcock 

Gena Alford 

David Anderson 


Dean Applegate 

Angela Armstrong 

Susan Armstrong 


Pamela Austin 

Alan Bagby 

Jennifer Beard 

•'■y-l^''- - : 


Naomi Bell 

Wendy Birdwell 

Trey Breckenridge 

94 Features 

American Community/ Junior Colleges 

Shannon Brent 

Jill Brock 

Jackie Chase 

Bridgett Dendy 

Features 95 

Who's Who Among Students In 

Sharron Flowers 


Ted Frisbee 

Tara Grantham 

Donna Harris 

Mary Ellen Foster 

Theresa Gilmore 

Tara Harper 

Rob Hataway 

96 Features 

American Community/ Junior Colleges 

Jerome Hawkins 

Jaret Holmes 

*. #•■» 

Chris Irons 



,->.;, J; 

Patti King 

Kim Knight 

Jamie Kyles 



Tony Loper 

Sandra Lott 

Fanny Mak 


««&& C^: 


™ 1 


Dawn Mann 

Ginger Martin 

Allison Mayo 

Features 97 


Who's Who Among Students In 


Katie McNeese 

Shayna Russum Mix 

Jamie Rodgers 

Robert Saums 

Jeff Nagumey 

Amanda Polk 

Ronnie Runnels 

Catheryn Simpson 

98 Features 

American Community /Junior College 

WfgSl &~~w 

■B v— -V JZ& 

. m WL\gf fl 'm 



H I 

Larina Smith 

Jonathan Thomas 



Kara Tompkins 

li V A 

Janet Tuttle 

Vicki Vance 

, *V* ;-> I 

Mary Williams 

Stevens Williams 

Jason Word 

Features 99 

Fall Carnival '95 




liHiiL' : 


1 ' 1 ! t 

• i 


i • | 

tf > • • ' ' H 
1L '' "tuSkm ■Plr'iiesMsk. Jt 

i J If 

1 !| ! V j' 4 >i 


■Btffjj B§H|Il 

1 ' ' 

: :::- : 

gj»| || ■ 

ill ? kit ™t 

|K P Hh ■? H 

IT * ' 'HP 

• \: - gwl 

w % ^^^^ 

j ''-■ — 


■^> 1 

— — ^^^ 

W0***mt^mm "■ JflflH^" 

^# MM 


mm f S S t - ■ , 


JH'' d' I - -^^^ 

^L JM Kjft ' jr^riJi 


mMmr k 1 

*2»*^ w- Jiv J^jj! 

»-i. T^^^^^ ^HiB^BI^^^- 

1^ " -"^ *" ' 


• * * 





4F ■ 

^ r 



100 / Features 

Features / 101 

996 Dixie National Parade 

This year marked the 18th appearance of the Hinds Hi-Steppers in the annual Dixie 
National Parade. The Hi-Steppers and Hi-Stepper Alumni have a tradition of always 
beginning the parade. The Dixie National Parade kicks off a fun-filled week of events 
including a rodeo, gun and knife show, pageants, etc. Other parades that Hinds Community 
College supports through use of the Eagle Band and Hi-Steppers are the Jackson Christmas 
Parade and the Governor's Inaugural Parade. 

102 / Features 

American All-Stars in Paris 

L-R India Johnson, Ifeather Davidson, Mrs. Ann Bee, and Maty Ellen Foster. 

Three Hi-Steppers flew to Paris, France, on November 20th to 
be a part of the International Qoodwill Performance and to rep- 
resent part of the CIS. American Ali-Star Drill Team. Mrs. Anna 
Bee, Hi-Stepper director, escorted the girls. The performance took 
place at Euro-Disney. In between practice rehearsals, the team had 
a chance to sightsee in Paris and take advantage of exploring 
Etm>Disney. The three Hi-Steppers all made superior ratings at 
the American Ali-Star Camp held this past summer which made 
them eligible to take part in the Goodwill Performance. 

Features / 103 

104 / Residence Life 

A Little 

Residence Life / 105 

Resident Advisors 

106 / Residence Life 

Allen- Whitaker Hall 

1st row: Christie Moore, Cindy Jackson. 2nd row: Sonya Sorrels, Bridgett Dendy. 3rd row: Nina Lampkin (Hall Director) 

Allen- Whitaker is a two-story L-shaped brick residence hall 
which houses 111 students. The air-conditioned building is ar- 
ranged in suites, each accommodating four students. Allen- 
Whitaker was dedicated to Lola Allen and Fleta Whitaker on 
August 15, 1982, Lola Allen served Hinds as an instructor of 
accounting and in the business office from 1922-1966. Fleta 
Whitaker served Hinds from 1929-1960 as an instructor of home 

Residence Life / 107 

Davis Hall 

1 st row: Ira Irving, Grethen Bethany (Hall Director), Jennifer Baker. 2nd row; Dawn Squires, Karen Neal 

Davis Hall, the largest women's residence hall on the campus, is a 
five-story building which houses 257 women students. This dorm 
is staffed by several Resident Assistants and one Hall Director. 
Davis was erected in 1970 while Robert M. Mayo was President of 
the College. This residence hall was named In honor of Gertrude E. 

108 / Residence Life 

Hardy-Puryear Hall 

1st row: Maria Johnston, LaQunda Turner, Sonia Evem. 2nd row: Caroline Tinney (Hall Director) and Mary Beth Suthoff. 

The newest women's residence hail, Hardy-Puryear, is a four-story 
air-conditioned building which houses 200 women. Hardy-Puryear 
was dedicated to Anne Hardy and Nellie Puryear. Anne Hardy 
served Hinds from 1965 to 1982 as an English professor and also 
served in academic assignments. She served as a secretary of the 
Development Foundation. Nellie Puryear served as the women's 
dormitory matron from 1932-1950, and taught from 1932-50, in 
which she taught Latin and Mathematics. 

Residence Life / 109 

• WW 11 

Main Hall 

" ■ . ■ ■ * • " 

1st row: Shelly Chapman and Symyrta Peters. 2nd row; Deana Chute and Gena Alford (Hall Director), 3rd row: Mandy Garfg. 

Main Hall is the only original building still standing. The interior of 
Main Hall consists of modern decor, but the exterior remains 
identical to when it was built in 1917. Four, seven, and eight 
person suited, arranged with an upstairs bedroom/bathroom area 
and winding stairwells that open to sitting rooms house 94 women 
honor students. Adjacent to the sitting rooms are kitchenettes 
equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, sink, table and chairs. 
Also located in the residence hall are two-person bedrooms and 
privated baths. One Hall Director and several Resident Assistant 
staff the halt 

110 / Residence Life 

Marshall Hall 

%-M ,F' . : - : - : ". 

■ <l 

*.. ;*•. 

1st row: Cassie Varoetl, Audrey Williams (Hall Director), Angela Davidson, 2nd row: Stacy Russell and LaTonya Cooper. 

Marshall Hall, dedicated to Fay Marshall on August 14, 1982, is a 
two-story air-conditioned building that houses approximately 100 
freshman and sophomore women. One Hall Director and several 
Resident Assistants make up the Marshall Hall staff. The building 
has porches which are parallel in length and enclosed with solar 
screens and ceramic tile. The rooms are four-bedroom suites, each 
with a foyer, bath, cabinets and closets, 

Residence Life /111 

Greaves Hall 

1 st row: Patrick Trisler, Phillip Bass, Matt Oatewood. 2nd row: Peyton McKay and Brian Jordan. 

Greaves Hall, a three-story residence hall, houses 188 male 
students. Greaves is arranged in four-bedroom suites that are 
complete with bath areas. Adjacent to the hall sits a remodeled 
lobby. The Greaves Hall Staff consists of one Hall Director and 
several Resident Assistants. In 1966, the building was erected and 
named after Board of Trustees President Frank M. Greaves. 

112 / Residence Life 

Sheffield — Woolley Hall 

1st now: Larry Cagie, Chad Stewart, (Hall Director), Mark Eubanks, 2nd row: Zach Howard, Rob Baugh, Patrick Flowers. 

The newest men's residence hall is Sheffield-Woolley. It is a 
four-story building which houses 200 freshmen and sophomore 
males. On August 15, 1982, Sheffield-Woolley was dedicated to 
Grady L. Sheffield, who served Hinds for forty years in position of 
financial leadership. R. F. Woolley served as President of the Board 
of Trustees from 1968-1977, and as President of the Development 

Residence Life / 113 

Williams Hall 

1st row: John May (Hall Director) ami Michael Bock, 2nd row: MarshaH Sykes and Emmanuel Courtois, 3rd row; John Bass and Brian Mitchell. 

Williams Hall, a two-story, L~shaped residence baft, houses 140 
male students. Each suite has a centrally located bath and the 
building has a central lobby area. One Hall Director and several 
Resident Assistants staff the building. Williams Hall was dedicated 
in 1982 to CA. Williams who served on the Hinds Board of 
Trustees from 1921-1940. 

1 14 / Residence Life 

Open Dorm 


V ^"> 

/ > 

Residence Life / 115 



116 / Residence Life 





Residence Life / 117 

118/ Sports 

It Takes 

Sports/ 119 

1995 EAGLE 

It had been over 40 years since the Hinds Community College Eagles had 
won back to back titles but the 1995 Eagles did just that with a 12-7 win over 
the Indians of Itawamba Community College to win the State and Region 23 
Football Championship. 

The win gave the Eagles a 10-1 record for regular season play and put the 
Indians finishing with an 8-3 record. 

The Eagles had been ranked number one in the nation for over a month 
before suffering their only loss in regular season play when the Jones Bobcats 
beat Hinds 39-37. 

The nationally ranked number five Eagles faced number one ranked BUnn 
College of Texas in the Texas Junior College Shrine Bowl in Tyler, Texas for 
the national championship title with a 21-14 loss to the Buccaneers. 

Hinds finished the 1995 season with a overall 10-2 record and ranked 
number five in the nation. 

Hinds scored a total of 455 points for the season while only allowing 
opponents to score 160 points. The Eagles had a total of 2,296 yards rushing 
and 2,556 yards passing. 

The top scoring leaders for Hinds were Greg Manson with 10 touchdowns 
for 60 points; kicker Jaret Holmes with 60 points, 14 made from field goals 
and 18 from extra points; and Derek Kyles with 9 touchdowns for 54 points. 

Fred Taylor led in passing with 132 completions of 234 attempts for 2,381 
yards and 22 TD's while Greg Manson led in rushing with 167 carries for 911 
yards. Hinds completed the season with a total of 4,852 yards. 








MISS. DELTA .............. 14 




COPIAH-LINCOLN .......... 

EAST CENTRAL ....... 18 




12 ITAWAMBA . . 


14 BLINN ......... 



120 / Sports 


[agles win State & Region 

Sports / 121 

Fred Taylor 

Jaret Holmes 

Michael Myers 

Grady Jackson 

Bryan Grove 

Cedric Donaldson 

J.J. Hawkins 

Billy Royston 

Derrick Kyles 

Robert Saums 

Steve Long 

Shedrick Harris 

Emanuel Dabney 

Kevin Dalgle 

Andre Reed 

Chris Tate 

Sylvester Walker 

Richard Caston 

Marcus Dixon 

J.J. Patterson 

Deshone Mallard 

James Jones 

William Judge 

Orlando Patterson 

Delvin Kelly 

Derrick Knight 

Patrick House 

Shane Caylor 

Malcolm Reed 

Bwana Bembry 

Corey Wilson 

Shadrlck Studaway 

Willie Jones 

Dwayne Spates 

Robert Varnadu 

Montra Edwards 



122 / Sports 

Patterson Owens 
Chris Johnson 
Adam Bailey 
Juan Williams 
Schevalian Short 
Shaun Davis 

Reginald Prince 
Jamar Fordham 
Brandon Redus 
Kevin Prentiss 
Greg Manson 
Daniel Willis 

Antonio Peoples 
Matt Fendley 
Carlos McDougle 
Sedrick Moore 

Ricco Porter 
Tefarrah Walker 
Reginald Dillion 

— Manager 
Corey Garner — 
Jason Moore 
Jamie Rodgers 

— Trainer 

Jason Everhardt 

— Trainer 

Jimmy Brown — 


Amy Rainer — 


John Baker — 


Andy Harrist — 


Brian Anderson 


arshall Smii 

— Manager 
Stewart Fleming 

— Film 


Sports / 123 

Gene Murphy 

Assistant Athletic Director 

and Head Football Coach 

Tony Hughes 
Assistant Coach 

Ron Davis 
Assistant Coach 

Bryan Johnson 
Athletic Trainer 

as they receive the 
Junior College Champ! 
win over the Indians of ' 

Hbe Hinds Eagles celebrate 

! ooi State Community / 

.rophy with their 12-7 

ommunity College. 

PRESS CONFERENCE — Fred Taylor, center, Hinds quarterback from Jackson, talks to the news media during a press 
conference held In his honor after being named by the National Junior College Athletic Association as the Most Valuable Player 
for 1995. From left are Hinds head Coach Gene Murphy, Taylor, and Hinds President Dr. Clyde Muse. 

134 / Sports 


■» iH 


i i ft k t 

w fQj $ mm WB& MM 

9 ^ ' *tf 


'Si'" «P 


"" -2*-.'-- 

P ■ 

it IB 

'■ ' , ■ ■ -:. ■. '■' -... 

.■ ■ ' : . : :- -. ■ ■■ 


126 / Sports 


The 1995 Hinds Eagle Football Cheerleaders attended the Universal Cheerleader Association College Cheerleadinj Camp at the CMversH 
of Alabama where they won a 1 st place trophy in fight song competition, a 2nd place trophy in chant competition, a 3rd place trophy in che< 
competition, and 4 blue superior ribbons, Hinds Cheerleaders pictured above, left to right, are Kelly Rodgers (Byram), Suzy Polk (Raymond, 
Brtdgett Dendy (Pearl), Chrlste MaHaffey (Jackson), Susan Holland (Jackson); back row, left to right, Rachel Hilderbrand (Betonia), Jan 
McCollough (Clinton), Sharon Ashcra.fl (Jackson), Lou, Anne Askeu) (Coach), Jennifer Miller (Picayune). Susie Bell (Tchula), and An 
Marie Shipp (Yazoo City), ., • ' 

L.ou Anne Askew 

128 / Sports 

Sports / 129 

1996 GOLF 

EAGLE GOLF TEAM — Kneeling from left: Greg Hester, Lewis Ritchie. Back row from left: Anthony Price- 
coach, Brian Cheesman, Scott Murphy, Shane Chandler, Lee McCall. 

Anthony Price 

130 / Sports 

Sports / 131 


■ ^■' :: ^yyyyyyy:yyyyy}y f '''' : 'yy.''x.' ' : ■'■■: I V'^XytViii 

■:' yy.y. y . ■<. ■■^■' '.■■■'.■. ■■;!■.:■■ . ■■ yyy^y 

"" * = 

i ,•■&** — " ' ' w * fa ' <i i i< '^y^( w>' ; 

Tom Shepherd 

132 / Sports 

* ' 



W ' 

• y j 





1 -, 



Sports / 133 

1 995 TENNIS 

STATE & REGION CHAMPS — The Hinds Community College men's tennis team won the State Region 23 Championships for 
1995. The men's team finished with a 18-0 record and had a total of 34 points scored in the tournament ahead of second place Gulf 
Coast with 21. Kneeling from left are: Tommy Rodden, Justin Brown, Matt Kalahar, Thomas Gonzalez. Standing from left: Trey 
(Jsry, Andy Johnson, Lance Miller, Clayton Doss, Scott Stansell, and Dewayne Crawford. 

WINS STATE & REGION — The women's tennis team at Hinds Community College won the Slate & Region 23 Tournament for 
1995. The women's team finished the season with a 16-1 record and scored 29 points over second place Southwest with 23. 
Seated from left are: Jenny Caston, Angela Hayes, Wendl Bowie, and Leigh Chau. Standing from left: Lashea Leggett, Karen 
Stewart, Jennifer Townsend, Susan Ywiak, Alysia Parker and Holly Dana. 

134 / Sports 

1 996 TENNIS 


* 1 3H I 


LL ..L J 1 , „ ,J 1,1 I 

L. |,-i.,LJ + ....i 


1995-96 WOMEN'S TENNIS — Kneeling from left: Susan Holland, Alysia Parker, Lisa Ezell, Katie McMahan. Standing from left: 
>. Cleon McKnlght -— coach; Jennifer Townsend, Mandy Howell, Mary Green, Jenny Caston. 

1995-96 MEN'S TENNIS — • Kneeling from left: Ben Little, Justin Rhodes, Matt Kaiahar, Brian Davis. Standing from left: Dr. Cleon 
McKnight-coach; Lance Miller, Trey Osry, Austin Mitchell, Jesse Moore. 

Sports / 135 


. ■. ■ . '-.'■'. ■....-■ ■ . 

, , ■ ■ ■■;■—■ :■,.... .,.,::,.,-. ■ : . 
....... .. ■ 


0FS; *^m 

Ralph Moore 
Head Coach 

Leon Harris 
Assistant Coach 

1995-95 MEN'S BASKETBALL — Kneeling from left are: Patrick Chambers, DarrelJ Diamond, Robert Reed, Keenon Sanders, Chris Thurman, and Jason Thurman. 
Standing from left: Gerard Sullivan, DeJuan Wilson, Corey Collins, Patterson Owens, Joseph McKenny, Carey Collins, Gerald Brinkley, and Derrick Smith. 

136 / Sports 

Sports / 137 

138 / Sports 

Sports / 139 


Lester Owens 
Head Coach 

Terri Black 
Assistant Coach 

1995-96 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL — Front row from left: Sondra Crabtree, Jessica Broussard, Helen Johnson, Kristina Hoiden, and Amanda Sproulls. Back row from 
left: Jennifer Christmas, Remetra Brtnson, Tarsha Bowie, Tiffany- Sheriff, Dernetrtce Bingham, Felecia Buckner, and Pamela Lazare. 

Sports / 140 

142 / Sports 




Sports / 143 


HINDS EAGLES — Seated from left are: Mike Windham, Darius McCoy, MSke Federico, Wes Muse, Bryan Dallas, Jeff Mumford, Joseph Horton, Wayne Roberts. 
Kneeling from left: Brian Anderson-trainer, Darren Duett-manager, Justin Blackweit, Chris Rohman, Wade Harvey, Chris Kelly, Brian Scoggin, Andre Thompson, 
Jeremy Dixon and Jamie Rodgers-trainer. Standing from left: Grady Thurman-asslStant coach, Mike Jelcoat, Todd Ainsworth, Kevin Sills, J, D. Robinson, Chad 
Bradford, Trey McLeod, Will Loftin, Billy Coumbe, Andy Lee, Michael Alien, Rick Clarke-head coach, Barry Collet-assistant coach. 

The 1995 Eagle baseball team finished the season with an overall 33-18 
record and lost their bid for the State Championship title but made their 
second consecutive appearance in the NJCAA Division II World Series in 
Millington, Tennessee, 

Following the state playoff at Mississippi Gulf Coast the Eagles played 
George Wallace Community College of Selma, Alabama and defeated them 
5-3 and 1 1-5 to earn the District E title and the honor to attend the Division 
II World Series. 

in the World Series at Millington Hinds lost to Carl Albert and to 

Rick Clarke 
Coach : ' ■•> 

144 / Sports 

Sports / 145 

146 / Sports 

Sports / 147 

Eagles Play in Second World Series 

The Hinds Community College Eagle 
baseball team was the first Mississippi 
team to play in the Division II World 
Series In 1994 and they made a repeat 
appearance In the 1995 World Series in 
Millington, Tennessee. They lost to Carl 
Albert and to Massasoit in the 1995 

148 / Sports 

Sports / 149 


LADY EAGLES — First row from left: coach Patty Johnson, Podrean Kelly, Angela Arender, Tomecco Crook, Jennifer Adcock, Leslie Walsh, 
Lindsey Cook, Holly Holllngsworth, Tiffany Davis, coach Deborah Nichols. Second row: Holly Palmer, Amanda Brock, Angela Johnson, Kim 
Moore, Jennifer Jenkins, Donna Penniger, Stacey Crocker, Heather Bongpman, Ton) Hutchinson. 

Deborah Nichols 

150 / Sports 

Sports / 151 

252 / Sports 

Sports / 153 

1995 TRACK 

1995 Track: Front Row from Left to Right are MSkaii Porter, Curtis Collier, Derrick Kelly, Cornelius Thompson, and Ron Hudson, 

Second Row from Left to Right are Thomas Grant, Derrick Ratner, Koklla Shanks, Robert Varnado, Tangala Banks, Marshall Sykes, Keith Gaskin, 

Charlie Brown, Yul Mosiey, Milton Murphy, and Stephen Jessope. Track Coach Is Tony OInes. 

The 1995 Hinds track squad once again won the State and 
Region 23 titles at the meet held at Hinds. Hinds took first 
place honors with a total of 67 points nearly doubling second 
place Gulf Coast's 34, followed by Jones 27 and Co-Lin's 20 

ports / 154 

Sports / 155 

156 / Sports 

Sports / 157 


MEN'S CHAMPS - — Front row from left: Corey Dunmore, Patrick Flowers, Jereald Nelson, Tracy Davis, Nick Allen. Back row 
from left: Stan Taylor, Tony Mayes, Kenny Benton, Derrick Watson, Sam Watson, Cornelius Smith, Cedric Gleece, Warren Tobias. 

WOMEN'S CHAMPS ~ Front row from left: Tangela Banks, Trina Lang, Quita Home, Jessica Powell, Lavet Wilcher. Back row 
from left: Ann Jeanette Harris, Carol Williams, Kimya McLaurin, Natalie Chambers. • 

158 / Sports 


Sports / 159 


RH / 

D / Sports 


Sports / 161 


/ Sports 


Sports / 163 





166 / Locations 

For Everyone 


Locations / 167 

Raymond Campus/Vo-Tech 



Rankin Campus 




Comprehensive degrees and certificates 
in academic and technical areas can be pur- 
sued at the Rankin Campus, located on 
Highway 80 East in Pearl. Offering a four- 
day school week, this campus continues to 
be one of the College's fastest growing fa- 
cilities. It is the second largest location in the 
Hinds District, serving over 2,700 students. 

This campus serves over 500 secondary 
students, from nine area high schools, in a 
range of vocational programs. In addition, 
the Associated Building Contractors (ABC) 
assist in operating a compreshensive ap- 
prenticeship program during evening hours. 


Vicksburg/Warren County Branch 



U *VK# 



A complete academic program is available at this 
Hinds location on Highway 27, just east of the City of 
Vicksburg. The branch's Multi-Purpose Building and 
Annex house a wide variety of college level ac- 
ademic, vocational, and technical classes including 
business and office technology, computer technol- 
ogy, drafting, electricity and electronic technology, 
practical nursing, and academic classes leading to a 
two-year degree. 

Meeting the ever-changing educational needs of a 
community that is thriving economically, this branch 
is known for its high quality instruction and in- 
dividualized attention. This location also meets the 
workforce training needs of its residents through 
specialized training in such areas as welding, draft- 
ing, and computer technology. 


Locations / 177 

Nursing/ Allied Health Center 

If a health career appeals to you, visit the Nurs- 
ing/Allied Health Center located in the City of Jack- 
son. Programs are offered in associate degree nursing 
(two-year registered nurse program), emergency medical 
technology, medical laboratory technology, respiratory 
care technology, surgical technology, dental assisting 
technology, medical record technology, physical ther- 
apist assistant, and practical nursing. 

Each curriculum combines classroom theory with 
"hands-on" clinical experience in local hospitals and 
health care facilities. Moreover, short term classes such 
as nursing assistant, unit service clerk, phlebotomy, and 
home health aide are available. 

Also, academic transfer courses are scheduled day 
and evening at this Center located next to Methodist 
Medical Center. 

Jackson Academic/Technical Center 

The Academic/Technical Center, just off 1-220 at Sunset Drive, is known for offering 
state of the art technical training. Programs in culinary arts, geographic information 
systems, quality assurance technology, telecommunications, and more, help you secure 
the skills needed for success in the career world. 

The Alexander Academic Building at this location puts the academic courses you need 
at your fingertips. As a beginning college student, you can take classes in English, 
history, biology, mathematics, and more that transfer to senior colleges and universities. 



184 / Locations 

Locations / 185 

CItica Campus 

The Otica Campus of Hinds Community College is located in CItica, Mississippi and 
constitutes students in college courses and programs in both academics and vocational- 
technical areas, • 

This campus publishes a student newspaper and yearbook which serves its students. 

Locations / 187 

'88 / Organizations 


anizations / 189 

Afro-American Cultural Society 


1st row: Marcia Williams (President), Manya McFarland, Patricia Lee, ShontreH Winters, Christie Moorei (Queen), Tomiece Purnell, Hope Drurnmond (Vlce^ 
President), Ahmad Wright (Treasurer). 2nd row: Sharon Robinson, LaToyta Jordan, Shuana Ashford, RoseMary Scott, Antionette Anderson, Latarsha Cox. 
3rd row: Kimble Parkman, Monica R. Williams, Stephanie Scott, LaKeisha Chapman, Alease Williams, Carol Robinson (Sponsor), 4th row: Cindy Franklin, 
NaTasha Bennett, Angel Bolden, Monica Cowans, LaKeesha Everett. 5th row: Partlllio Watkins (King), Vincent E. WHIimas, Calvin D, Chang, Mlcah J. 
Chavis, Montrlce McLaurin and Romonica Day. 

The Afro-American Cultural Society is composed of a group of 
students interested in providing a positive relationship between Afro- 
American student of Hinds Community College as well as the ad- 
ministration and student government. Membership does not discrim- 
inate against race, color, or creed. During January and February, the 
club presents special programs on Black History Month and the African 
American Trivia question contest is held. 

190 Organizations 

rvipna Deia uamina 

1st row: Christie Trosper (Vice-President), Lori Guy (Secretary), Stacy Jackson (Historian), Robbie Rldgeiey (President). 2nd row: 
Tonya folk and April Evans. 

The primary purpose of Alpha Beta Gamma is to recognize and 
encourage scholarship, leadership, and service among students en- 
rolled In Business. 

Organizations 191 

Art Club 

1st row: (Kneeling) Thomas Qordan, Randi Thorton, Amy Carson. 2nd row: Joy Barnes, Leah Bailey, Tony Davenport, Kristin Keith, Joel Stroud, Mrs. Gayle 
McCarty (Co-Sponsor). 3rd row: Ms. Paula Duren (Co-Sponsor), Patrick Sansom, Chris Reld, and Amle Rhoden. 

The Art Club is sponsored by the Art Department. Membership is 
made up of art majors and other students making valuable contributions 
to the school and community by rendering valuable service in the field of 
art, The club sponsors trips to museums, participation in school pro- 
grams, and many social activities. 

192 Organizations 

Aqriculture Club 

1st row (Kneeling): Dawn Squires, Danny Jonson (President), Will Coulson (Treasurer), Shannon Brent (Secretary). 2nd row: Jana, David Causey, Tina 
Tedford, Rhonda Creel, Jam! Allison, Alison Broome, Christa Mellinger, Jenny Darden, Jessica Towler, Barney Ross, Frank Mitchell, Gabe Whittington, 
Doug Kellum. 3rd row: Dr. Roger Jones (Club Advisor), Martha Hill, Dr. Thad Owens, Stephanie Hughes, Joel Ford, Clint Welch, Arson Kandy, Kenneth 
Calcote, Nate Welborn, Laurence Saltzman, Gerald Zaumbrechor, Ryan "Red" Bozeman, Jason "Rico" Lea and Chris Shivers. 

The Hinds Community Agriculture Club is comprised of students 
majoring in several fields or areas of study related to agriculture. They 
conduct fund raisers to help sponsor travel expenses for the H.C.C. 
Livestock Judging team and Landscape Management team, several 
social functions throughout the year, and the awards and meals for the 
Agriculture Awards banquet held in the spring. 

Organizations 193 

Associated Student Government 


1st row: Tamika Smith, Mary Jean Evans, Wally Sadler, Nicole Gaspard, Tina Bailey, Mandy Cantzaro, Tony Stallings. 2nd row: Dr. Barbara 
Biankenship (Advisor), Demetrick Banks, Natalie Chambers, Jennifer Foote, Jenni Chase, Adrian Hayes. 3rd row; Jocelyn Smith, Leandrew 
Drake, Amy Rewis, Jenny Coleman, Darrell Patrick, Amy O'Neal, Felicia Grover. 4th row: Trey Breckenridge, David Henry, Vincent Cortest, Jack 
Hite (Sponsor). 

The Associated Student Government is a student senate formed from 
delegates of campus clubs, organizations, and communters. The purpose of 
ASG is to meet the needs of all students and to work with faculty, staff, and 
administration of the college. As a whole, ASG works not only with other 
locations of Hinds, but with neighboring colleges state-wide. 

194 Organizations 

ASG Officers 

Trey Breckenridge 

Leandrew Drake 
Vice President 

Jenni Chase 


Organizations 195 

Eagle Band 


L.| . * * **"^ 

>.<■ , .. , •: ill 

fill I " ' ■' 

1st row: Drum Major Jamie Keyes, Assistant Director Randy Mapes, Lydia Reagan, La Donna Diggs, Tamara Crudup, Justine Oleson, Brenda Jenkins, Tracy irby -M 
Director. 2nd row: Katie Beard, Jayme Thomas, Jeremy Gozzarda, Georgette Mire, Jamie Meadows, Mark Hatch, Dean Odom, Tonya Harper. 3rd row: Ann Marie » 
Denman, Jason Covington, Alan Kelly, Marcus Robinson, Jeff Adams, Jon McClemore, Michelle Blansett, Tiffany Green. 4th row: Sonya Sorrels, Eddie Thompson, Jacke* 
Hall, Dale Furr, Brandon Buffington, Mark Bombich, Amy Graham. 5th row: Wendy Dungey, Les Potter, Jason Webb, Paul Heindl-captain, Brian Cheesman, Yolanda Ivory. 
6th row: Nikki Weeks, Melissa Hewitt, Rachel Lanty, Octavia Shelby, Ben McGaugh — Band President, Darnel Patrick, Scott Smylie, Tina Moore. 7th row: Andrea 
McPhail, David Sanderson, Ben Tripp, David Merritt. 8th row: Wes Oden, Lucas Sparks, and Darren Duette 

The Eagle Band put on a spectacular performance this year. The 
Eagle Concert and Show Band fill numerous engagements during 
the school year and participates in various athletic and social 
events on and off campus. Many trips are made which Include out- 
of-town ball, Christmas parades in surrounding cities, and the 
Mardis Gras parade in New Orleans. In addition, the Concert Band 
performs at high schools in the Hinds Community College locality. 
Students interested in participating in this outstanding organ- 
ization are urged to contact the director. 

196 Organizations 

Tracy Irby 
Director of Bands 

Randy Mapes 
Assistant Director 

Organizations 197 

198 Organizations 

Organizations 199 


The Baptist Student Onion is a min- 
istry to students sponsored by the Mis- 
sissippi Baptist Convention Board. BSU 
meets for Bible study every Tuesday at 
7:30 PM, It also meets for prayer break- 
fast every Thursday morning at 7:00. 
Small Bible study groups meet every 
Monday and Wednesday evenings. 
Members tutor children twice a week, 
send out students to do summer mission 
projects, and support those students 
through money raised in numerous fund 
raisers. There are also retreats, mission 
trips, parties, fellowships, etc . . . 

1st row: Tony Lopsr, Jeff Powell 
Irby, Mary Ellen Foster 

BSU Leadership Group 
ector), Rohan Crown, Martin Bell 2nd row: Kara Tompkins, Susan 

200 Organizations 

Catholic Student Organization 

1st row: Lari Junkin, Daniel White, Mandy Canizaro, Bridgit Bozeman, Davis Trousdale. 2nd row: Lee McCall, Ann Marie Shipp, Suzy Bell, Carrie O'Connor, 
Dianne Durst. 3rd row: Denis Scifres (Sponsor). 

The Catholic Students Organization has been organized in order to 
provide interested students opportunities for spiritual growth in the 
Catholic religion. Devotional programs are also planned weekly. 

Organizations 201 


1st row: Yolanda Ross, AleOa White, Destiney Cavin, Susan Green, Rachel Harris, Miranda Grisham, Goldie Rhymes, Melissa Hewitt, Beverly Shaw, 
Accompanist. 2nd Row: Terry Fletcher — Choral Director, Katie Beard, Ton! Canizaro, Carle Thomas, Tara Buckley, Andrea Aldrfdge, Shannon Hardy, 
Klrsten Evans, Stephanie Sykes, Stacy Russell. 3rd Row: Nathaniel Moore, Wade Fisher, Jason Roberts, Marshall Sykes, Ben Tripp, Chris McCluer, Vixi 
Shaw, Wendy Moore, Shawn Luby, Trena Gabs, Cydney Wilkerson, Willie Craft. 4th Row: Marvin Curtis, Adam Frost, David Causey, Chris Heckman, Nick 
Hodges, Brooks Little, Jason Brock, David Mahloch, Mark Ouellette, Richard Floyd, Carl Ashby. 

The Hinds Community College Choir is a non-auditioned choir. 
Members are from the student body of the Raymond campus. 
Approximately one half of the choir members are music majors and 
approximately one third are voice majors. The choir performs annual 
Winter and spring concerts on the Raymond campus in addition to 
numerous sacred concerts at churches in the Hinds district. Under 
the direction of Mr. Fletcher, the choir has performed at two Amer- 
ican Choral Directors Association Conventions at the state level, the 
Conductors' "Faure Requiem" at the American Guild of Organists' 
Convention. Members of the Hinds Choir have performed Bee- 
thoven's "Missa Soleminis" in Phoenix, Mozart's "Requiem" in Mex- 
ico City, Mexico, Coronation Mass with Metropolitan Orchestra and 
the "Verdi" requiem with the CJSM Symphony. 

202 Organizations 


1st row: Destiney Cavin, Carie Thomas, Ton! Canizaro, 2nd row: Adam Frost, Chris McCIuer, Wendy Moore, Richard Floyd, and Mark Ouellette. 

The Hinds Community College Clefs is an auditioned vocal 
jazz/ pop ensemble chosen from the Hinds Choir. They perform for 
numerous dinners and conventions within the Hinds district and an 
annual Cabert on the Hinds campus. 

Organizations 203 

Circle K 

1st row: David Henry, WaJley Sadler, Craig Miller, John Shuff — President, Jeff Wooten. 2nd row; Phillip Bass — Vice-President, Tony Loper, Rob Hataway 
— Secretary, Brian Jordan, Keni Lowery, Pat Trisler and Matt Gatewood. 

The Circle K is a service organization sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. 
The objective of the club is to provide a forum for its members for good 
fellowship and high scholarship; to serve the College, the community 
and the state; to give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to 
material value of life; and to develop within its members a high degree of 
serviceable citizenship. Membership in the club is based on scholarship 
and citizenship, upon approval by the Board of Directors. 

204 Organizations 

College Republicans 

1st Row: Gena Alford, Emy Lilley, Jessica Given, Adam Moore. 2nd Row: Phillip Bass, 
Tara Hall, Mary Ellen Foster and Chief Larry Coleman. 3rd Row: Greg Carson and 
Michelle Gill, (not pictured — Marsella Johnson). 

College Republicans Is a campus organization designed to promote 
a different view of politics as opposed to the traditional two-party 
views. Although special emphasis is placed on the Republican party, 
membership is open to any student, faculty member, or staff member 
willing to take part in this organization. 

Organizations / 205 

Delta Epsilon Chi 

1st row: Santosha Braggs, Charlette Bobbitt, Demetria Nichols, Kisha Richards, Lychanda Coleman 2nd row: Roberta Pendleton, Vincent E. Williams, Trena Gales, 

Kim Crocker, Alyson Walton, Shelton Belcrer, 3rd row: Demetrick Banks, Ricky Tankersley, LaKeshia Smith, Carniiie Daily, Latonia Mitchell, Jason Busiey, F.S. 


Officers: Santosha Braggs — Secretary/Treasurer, Lychanda Coleman — President, Demetrick Banks — Parliamentarian, Vincent E. Williams — Vice-President 

Marketing Management students are a part of Delta Ep- 
silon Chi, an association of marketing students. They may- 
choose to compete in marketing Management contests with 
other students from across the state and nation. Delta 
Epsilon Chi provides opportunities for leadership devel- 
opment and skills in role play and problem solving. 

206 Groups 

Criminal Justice 

1st row: Rodney Hodge {President}, Dean Appiegate (Vice-President), Kevin Dougherty, Eugene Slade, Tonia Richards. 2nd row: Kenyon Woodberry, Derick 
Woodberry, Chester M. Drake, Susan Toler. 3rd row: Mervin Foster, Jr., LaTonya Cooper (Secretary), Godfrey Garner (Advisor), Shawn Terwiliiger, Sean 
Smith. 4th row: Joe Goodwin, Jeff Youngblood, Albert Smith, Bill Hastings, Steven Bell, Meredith Bass. 

The Criminal Justice Club is designed to provide support for 
students with interest in the criminal justice field. A major goal of 
the club, located at the Raymond campus, is to help raise an 
interest in the Criminal Justice program, Mr, Godfrey Garner is the 
sponsor of this club. 

Organizations 207 

The Hindsoman 

Christy Beatty — Executive Editor 

Bob Hodges — Advisor 

208 / Organizations 


Phillip Bass — Staff Writer 

Jeff Wootton — Photographer 

John Shuff — Sports 

Mary Jean Evans — Staff Writer 

Organizations / 209 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing 

1st row: Jennifer Robertson, Scott Dukes, Tamika Smith, Tanya Daniels, Nicol Qautreau, Cheri Boyd, Jesse Calabresi, Monika Jones, Teresa Smith. 2nd 
row: Robyn Barksdale, Vicki Tillei, Sharon Egbert, Laura Sherwood, Tisha Simmons, Brandy Holt, Tina Bradford, Stephanie King, Stacey Owens, Norra 
Tucker, Alois Wolverton, Sponsor. 3rd row: John Paul Wefgand, Shamika Dorsey, Bob Heiw, Alexander Aldridge, Bobby BouchiUon, Brendon Dixon, 
Heenam Pete, Jeff Nagurney, Andre Morrison. 

The Hinds Community College Deaf and Hard of Hearing Club is a 
student interest group promoting growth for deaf and hard of hearing 
students. This organization offers information through speakers and 
literature on the deaf and hard of hearing. 

210 Organizations 

Legal Students 

1st row: Melissa Jasper, Kim Bridges, Cindy Miller Abies, Vincent Cortesi, Mary Jean Evans, Angela Case, LaToya Earnest. 2nd Row: 
Leslie Cabell, Wendey Jackson, Mrs. Wilbanks — Advisor, Lanita Malone, Felicia Lewis, Christian Rogers. 

The Hinds Association of Legal Students exists to encourage an 
awareness of the importance of the basic skills necessary to do work 
of a legal nature and to promote a better understanding of the 
responsibilities involved; to acquaint students with the function of the 
judiciary and other departments of the court; and to sponsor work- 
shops and seminars to the legal field. Chapters are located at the 
Raymond Campus and the Jackson Academic Technical Center. 

Organizations 21 1 

Hinds Connection 

1st row: Hollie Jordan, Jennifer Foote, Daphanle Jenkins, Jamie House, Deborah Jenkins, AHlson Mayo. 2nd row: Misty Young, Marsella Johnson, Bridgit 
Bozeman, Lindy Burchfteld, Amy Rels, Larina Smith. 3rd row: Jessica Lemon, Allison Harper, Elizabeth Hand, Shannon Hardy, Jenni Chase, Jill Brock. 4th 
row: Bebe Harrison (Sponsor), Katie McNeece, Betsy Wright, Emily Glaze, Landa Gayle Strum, Jackie Granberry (Sponsor), 5th row: Dean Applegate, 
Jonathan Thomas, Travis Dunlap, John Shuff, Tony Stallings. 6th row: David Henry, Reggie Harris (Sponsor), Rob Hataway, Alan Jarrett. Not Pictured: 
Mark Rushing 

Hinds Connection Is the official public relations and recruiting organization for Hinds Community College, Hinds 
Connection represents The College before the public by serving as tour guides and hosts for any interested persons visiting 
the campus. The members of Hinds Connection also visit local high schools and other locations communicating the Hinds 
Community College message. They man exhibits and serve at receptions, luncheons, etc., hosted by Hinds Community 

Students must have: Completed a Hinds Connection application; maintain an overall 2.5 grade point average; complete an 
intensive training session; earn points for assignments completed; successfully complete a written exam; and complete an 
isw by the Advisory Board of Hinds Connection. 

212 Organizations 

*x;m'&% '■■ - - : M:. ¥■■ m^mm^ 

%^MM6'/Q^ : "^MvA [ : : ''&Sk. 

Organizations 213 


214 Organizations 

Organizations 215 


1st row: Nycole Sheffield, Ginger Martin (Vice-President), Jennifer Hannah, Lari Junkin (Treasurer), India Johnson, Heather Davidson (Secretary), Mary 
Ellen Foster (President), Tonia White. 2nd row: Atlantis Reynolds, Cindy Franklin, Kirn Dorsey, Shondra Dorrls, Jamie LePhew, Denlse Hughes, Nancy 
Stewart, Angle Simmons, 3rd row: Felecia Dorsey, Lee Ann Mills, Courtney Keys, Staci Cochran, Maya Hayes, Christy Davis, Melanie Miller, Stacy Harris. 
4th row: Amy Jones, Christa Nordin, Allison Dahduh, Tara Hall, Nikki Patrick, Maria Johnston, Jenny Coleman, and Emily Gorman. 

The third oldest dance team in the nation is the Hinds Community 
College Hi-Steppers. They have performed for such events such as 
the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, the Miss America 
Parade, and the World's Fair in New York City, New Orleans, and 
Toronto. They have also performed at the Neshoba County Fair 
and the New Orleans Mardi Gras for over 25 years. The Hi- 
Steppers have also performed at major bowl games and were 
honored by attending this year's Shrine Bowl in Tyler, Texas. 
Their performances with celebrities include: Mary Ann Mobley, 
John Glenn, Danny Thomas, Michael Dukakis, Jerry Clower, 
Michael Landon, Bob Hope, Polly Bergen, Richard Nixon and Elvis 

The Hi-Steppers are known throughout the South for their half- 
re performances at college football games as a precision dance 
' team. A companion to the Hinds Eagle Band, the Hi- 
have won acclaim at such events as the National Amer- 
ica^ Legion Convention of Commerce Convention in Colorado 
Springs, the Onited States Congress in Washington, D.C, and at 
numerous state conventions and civic programs. Mrs. Bee and 
several Hi-Steppers were part of the All American Dance Team 
that performed for Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Wales, This 
year, Mrs. Bee and three other Hi-Steppers traveled to Paris, 
France, and performed at Euro-Disney. 

216 Organizations 

Mrs. Anna Bee 


Organizations 217 

":'■"': 0. 


218 Organizations 

Organizations 219 

Lendon Players 

1st row: Katie Beard. 2nd row: Benjamin Makamson, Denise Halted, Jessica Lemon, Susan Green, Keni Lowery. 3rd row: David Harris, Les Harvey, Bridget 
Riley, AUsha Dickens, and Qwen Robinson, 

The Lendon Players is an organization created for students who are 
interested in dramatics and the theatre arts. Membership is open to 
anyone who wishes to join and abide by the constitution and by-laws, 
the Purpose of the Lendon Players is to foster and develop better 
skills, relations, and interests in the field of drama. 

220 Organizations 

■ ' ■ ';■ ■■"■■'y:. / .^-.^A^: y ■ , .■ ■ ■ - ■ 

Organizations / 221 

Landscape Management 

1st row: Bev Simmons, Les Merritt, Ted Frisbee (Vice-President), Tina Phillips (Treasurer), Jeffery Harrison (President), Matt 
McGaugh (Secretary), Matt Hayles, Martha Hill (Advisor). 2nd row: Dan Liles, Joshua Donald, Richard Walley, Greg 
Reynolds, Preston McKeown, David Pursell, Jayne Boone. 

The Landscape Management Technology Club is comprised of students 
majoring in Landscape Management, Landscape Architecture, Landscape 
Contracting, Horticulture, Turfgrass, or any other "Green Industry" major. 
Students develop leadership skills through participation and numerous 
fundraisers. Interaction skills are developed along with planning skills. The 
club attends a national competition each year which Is sponsored through 
the Associated Landscape Contractors of America. It offers students the 
chance to travel, meet other students In similar programs nationwide, 
compete in all areas of the Green Industry, and interview with the biggest 
companies from all over the United States* 

222 / Organizations 


i mm * 

TTy • 


1st row: Angela Johnson, Jamie McCoullough, Brenda Fells (President), Veronica Fells (Vice-President), Almee Gober (Treasurer), Amy Jones (Secretary). 
2nd row: John May (Advisor), Marvin Williams (Advisor), Mallie Lawrence, Mandy Garig, Bridgett Dendy, Nina Lampkin, Tessa Lewis, D. Banks, Kevin 

SADD, which has adopted a new name — Students Against 
Destructive Decision) enables concerned, responsible students to 
respond In a proactive way to any decisions within their age group 
that could be destructive. 

224 Organizations 

Bioloav Club 

CLUB MEMBERS — First row from left: Cling Buckley, Michael Bock — treasurer; Brad Waltman, Jim 
Harrison, BenJ Makamason — vice president. Second row: Renee Newman, Becky Sykes, Deborah Jenkins, 
Tammy Sherwin, secretary; Emy Lilley, Mary Ellen Foster, Ciena Alford, Jay Kay Carraway — president. 
Third row: Dr. James Fulton — advisor; Tina Herring, Joanne Harrison — advisor. 

The Biology Club is relatively new on the Raymond 
Campus and its purpose is to provide an avenue through 
which students can explore and broaden their interests in 
the biological sciences, it also provides fellowship be- 
tween members. 

Organizations / 225 

Biology Club 

1st tow; Shanna Kflpatrick, Carol Btew, Antony Gannon 2nd row: Daniece Williams — Sponsor, Erin McQufRe, Karen Candace Johnson 

The purpose of Biology Club Is to provide an avenue 
through which students can explore and broaden their in- 
terest in the biological sciences. It also promotes career 
awareness In the biological sciences and technology and 
fellowship between club members. 

226 Groups 

Phi Theta Kappa 


i |P 5 i 1 


. W 1 

4 tin i 


' b! 

1st row: Dianne Durst, Stacy Webb, Robyn Conray, Kim Walker, Kim Easterling, Jessica Lemon, Jessica Givens, Emy Lilley, 
Cherie Fisher, April Evans. 2nd row: Mitch McGrane, Tony Stallings, Stan Cook, Chaz Cooper, Todd Everett, Keith Herrington, 
Veronica Fells, Leslie Keirn, Robin Blalock, Deborah Tubbs. 3rd row: Ben Gardner, Joseph Stewart, Jamaal Longing, Emily Nix, 
Kimberh/ Lymberts, Amanda Scarborough, Cindy Baynes, Blake Ward, Kim Jackson, Monica Allen, Tammy Edwards. 4th row: 
Kristi W s, Sonja Henderson, Patrick Sansom, Susan Yurak, Brenda Lee, Wilson Trotter, Trey Gsry, Jennifer Alford, and Robin 

Phi Theta Kappa Is the international honor society for com- 
munity college students. Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is 
extended to students who have at least a 3.5 cumulative grade 
point average, possess recognized qualities of citizenship, and are 
recommended by the faculty. 

Organizations 227 

Dramatic Arts 

1st row: Tara Wallace, Vickie Potter, Karen Candace Johnson 2nd row: Gary Fox -~ Sponsor, Tim Danieison 

The Dramatic Arts Club is open to all students interested 
in the areas of dramatics. Valuable hands-on experiences are 
provided in the areas of film making and live performing: 
writing, acting stage crafting, and all other aspects of pro- 
duction to enhance the student's perception of the dramatic 

IB Groups 


^:# v: ™ : ; 



P''-,:;:-: • 


(WIKiW 1 

H '■' §1 

1 MM • 

?:i,. * i 






Phi Beta Lambda — Rankin 

1st row: Pam Perry (Advisor), Danny Ainsworth, Gwen Billings, Jaye Joes, Becky Windham, Jason McMullin, Jean Powers (Advisor). 2nd row; Linda Moss, Michelle 
McMillan, Misty Thames, Amy Milner, Carol Frankfln. 3rd row: Jepthah Parham, Lisa Dramer, Yoianda Jones, Kelly Culior, Corrie Cook. 4th rows Amy Shropshir, 
Bennilyn Farmer, Sheila Allen, Cindy Hastings. 5th row: Jill McDonald, Casey Zebert, Kim McKee, Verdean Potter, Jeff Byrd. 6th row; Amanda Othoff, Valerie Clemons, 
Stacey Wilson, Monica Billings, Angle Smith. 7th row: Vicki Potter, Tia Lewis, Heathe Berry, Phyllis Ellis, Susan Brewer. 8th row: Shanta Thompson, Tonya Beeland, 
David Palmer, Berrrte McOee, 

PBL Officers: 
1st row: Carol Franklin, Becky Windham, Danny Ainsworth. 2nd 
row: Jaye Jones, Jason McMullin, Gwen Billings, and Amy Milner. j 

Phi Beta Lambda is an educational association of stu- 
dents preparing for careers in business. It is open to at 
students interested in all areas of business. PBL helps 
to promote business leadership, establish career goals, 
develop character, and facilitates transitions from 
school to work. Members participated in state> regional 
and national activities. 

230 Organizations 

Phi Theta Kappa-Rankin 

RANKIN PTK — First row from left: Jennifer Barham — secretary, Christy Crowson, Melissa Jackson, Gnday Clegg, Dawna Baker, Becky Windham, Ray 
Floyd, Karen Guthrie, De Hurston — advisor. Second row: Melissa Harrist, Shannon Cook, Kathy Swindle, Melba Thomas, Lacasta Cutrer, Kristie Carter, 
Tony Grayson, Wendy Birdwell — vice president. Third row: Barbara Mickey — advisor, Brittney Roberts, Shayna R. Nix, Angie Smith, Bernie McGee, 
Patrica Zea, Tasha Karnes, Julie Noel, Sheila Robinson, VicW Vance — president. Fourth row: Lishia Simmons, Jason Berry, Landon Kelly, Randy 
Weathersby, Kimberly Moore, Jeremy McNinch, Amanda Rushing, Jaime Bagnall, Karrie Norberg. 

Phi Theta Kappa Is a national scholastic society 
for community/junior colleges composed of stu- 
dents whose cumulative grade point average is 3.5 
or higher. Membership is based on scholastic 
achievement and citizenship qualifications. Mem- 
bers participate in state, regional, and national ac- 

Organizations 231 



, . . . i 

1st row: Steven Herrington, Lacasta Cutrer, Sujata Michael, Shayna Russum-NJx (President), 2nd row: Lauren Robinson, William Brumer, Sandra 
Lutt, Jiil Thome (Sponsor). 3rd row: Tasha Karnes, Rani Gordon (Secretary/Treasurer), Donna Harris (Delegate), Jesse Moore. 4th row: Jonathan 
Wilson (Vice-President), Neal Loving, and Yolanda Jones. 

The student body consists of all enrolled students. Student Government 
serves the student by presenting student Input through elections, special 
activities, clubs, and organizations. Selected Senate Members serve on 
the District Associated Student Government which is the governing 
body for each local student senate. 

132 Organizations 

Student Government — Vicksburg 

Seated L-R: Douglass Russell, Dana Joseph, Kelly Hicks, Ted Frisbee, Kathy Wycoff, Linda Ware, Jennifer 
Thompkin. Standing L-r: Tonya Dixon, Gaddis Guider, Justin Cook, James Daizel, Bobby Barlow — Advisor. 
Not pictured are: Travis Johnson Tiffany Jackson, Amanda Durr, Alberta Herron, and Sherry Cambell. 

The Student Government at the Vicksburg/ Warren County 
Branch works to serve the student body by presenting student 
input through elections, special activities, clubs, and organ- 
izations. Selected senate members serve on the District As- 
sociated Government which is the governing body for each 
local Student Senate. 


, . 


Organizations 233 

Phi Beta Lambda — Vicksburg 

Left to right: Pat Theriot — advisor, Sharon Melvin, Ktm Clayborn, Monica Gaines, Emfly Long — Advisor. 

Phi Beta Lambda is the national organization for all college students par- 
ticipating in business and office programs. The purpose of the organization is to 
provide additional opportunities for college students in business and office 
education, to develop vocational and career competencies, and to promote civic 
and personal responsibilities. 

234 Organizations 

Phi Theta Kappa — Vicksburg 

1st row left to right: Wendy McLean, Janet Tuttte, Angel Horn, Dr. Barnes, Amanda Durr, Speler Laird, Page Simpson, Toby 
Graves. 2nd row left to right: Daniel Cook, Jennifer Muirhead, Stan Ross, Dr. Muse, Qina Simpson, Cynthia Mente, Chris Irons, 
Pam Jenson, and Tina Larson. 

Phi Theta Kappa, a non-secretive national scholastic society for community 
and junior colleges, is composed of students whose cumulative grade point 
average is 3.5 or above. Membership is based upon scholastic achievement and 
citizenship qualifications. Local chapters participate in state, regional, and 
national activities. 

Organizations 235 

HOSA — Vicksburg 

1st row: Ethel Smith, Lyndy Carter, Jennifer Lyons, Kimberiy Jackson, Kimberiy Reed, Karla Linston, Khelli Nickerson, 
Michael Reed, Lynda Shorter. 2nd Row: Jan Whatley RN, Med-Advisor, Gloria Johnson, Aionda Haggard, Charna Tarleton, 
Lashawn Marbra, Peggy Adams, Tara Hearn, Becky Myers, Marcie Barnes, Sonja Taylor, Shannon Hill, Sandra Harris, Tina 
Moore, Kitty Mauch, BSN, Advisor. 3rd Row: Keesha Dorsey, Angela Bannerman, Sherri Doiron, Shirley Graham, Florence 
Logan, Atecia Ashley, Tonya Parkerson, Trisha Emerson, Margaret Abney, Renee Smith, Margaret Crimm, Shelly Pepper, 
Gayle McCown, Sharon Ladd, Karen Hubert, Tonia Maston, Shirley Thompson, Sheila Jenkins 

The Vicksburg- Warren County Chapter of 
HOSA was organized to teach leadership skills to 
young men and women enrolled in Allied Health 
and Nursing. Members of HOSA compete on 
District and State levels in skills related to the 
health field. HOSA students through club work 
develop civic consciousness, pride in a job well 
done and parlirnentary procedures skills in ad- 
dition to social awareness. 

HOSA officers: L-R Sherry Doiron, Margaret Abney, Sharon Ladd, Lisa Sullivan. Standing L-R Kitty 
Mauch — Advisor, Michael Reed, Peggy Adams, Kimberiy Jackson, Jan Whatley -— Advisor 


fiCJo/V. fi/\ri\^ 

1st row: Willie Lee, Missy Moore, Kim Blackwell, Meltnda Martin, Natalie Purvis, Onnie Terrell, Stephanie Bolden, Tlsh Johnson. 2nd row: Veronica Turner, 
Kim Sprinkle, Delia Lindsey, Valerie MeKrright, Stephanie Streeter, Keysha Burns, Linda Stokes, 3rd row: Cajan Williams, Robin Wilboume, Misty Fisher, 
Angela King, Nancy Jones, Alana Hopkins. 4th row: Ina Bailey, Lisa Grubbs, Shani Winder, Beatrice Thomas, Van Ella Luckett, Angela Ray, Marcella Mason. 

Health Occupations Students of America is the organization for 
students in health related careers. Participation in HOSA helps students 
to "Learn, Grow, and Become," The HOSA motto, "The Hands of Hosa 
Mold the Health of Tomorrow," represents our future leaders. 

Organizations 237 

American Dental Assistants — NAHC 

1 st row; Karen Clower, Kettte Hunter, Mandy Sandifer, Misty Oainey, Niki Callendar, Kim CBaapie, Mellnda Davis, Patricia Singleton. 2nd row: Nikkf Dawson* 
Tonya Johnson, Courtney McCabe, Pepsi Sikes, Kim Addkison, Girmy Barlow, Deldra Williams. 3rd row; Shirley Booze, Marlon Diilard, Natalie Stringer, 
Jennifer Holder, Allison Dill, Dee Sandifer, Rachel Moore. 4th row: Stephanie Moore, tremeaker Gilbert, Beth Mabry, Thalia Lacey, Jackie Humphrey^ 
Lauren Poore, Jennifer Johnson, Ramona Perkins. 5th row: Chris Butler, Dr. Richard Gavant, Arlene Shelby (Advisor), Pam E. Reeves (Advisor). 

The AdAA is an organization whose objectives are to share in the 
responsibility lor quality dental cars, advance the practice of dental 
assisting by encouraging formal education to support the dental 
profession, and to communicate effectively with all members of 
health-related professions. 


Lambda Beta — NAHC 

1st row: Pat Matthers (Faculty), Tonya Wells (Secretary), Sherron Jones (Vtce-Presfdent), Diane Sylvester (Faculty), 2nd row: Bryant Robertson (Treasurer), 
Cathy Alnsworth (President), Jeanette Johnson, Lynne Turner (Sponsor). 

The Hinds chapter of Lambda Beta is a national honorary 
society for respiratory-care students and is academically limited to . 
the upper 25% of all respiratory students at the Nursing/ Allied 
Health Center. 

Organizations 239 

/Yovi -— — nAMvi 

1 st row: Eric Hunter (Vice-President), Fannie Mak (President), Jo Lynn King. 2nd row: Pepsi Sikes, Jackie Humphrey, Mary 
Smith. Not pictured: Joyce Adams (Sponsor). 

The Associated Student Government is a student senate formed 
from delegates of campus clubs, organizations, and commuters. 
The purpose of ASG is to meet the needs of all students and to 
work with faculty, staff, and administration of the College. As a 
whole, ASG works not only with other locations of Hinds, but also 
with neighboring community colleges state-wide. 

240 Organizations 

Phi Theta Kappa — NAHC 

1st row: Zipora Martin, Fanny Mak (President), Debbie Crisler (Treasurer), 2nd Row: Libby Mahaffey (Sponsor), 
Delane Pipkin, vk> Lynn King, Marcy Smith (Secretary). 3rd Row: Jason Ward (Vice-President), Lee Anthony, 
Sandy Crook (Sponsor), Not Pictured: Roy Shelby 

The Alpha Iota chapter of Phi Theta Kappa is located at the 
Nursing/ Allied Health Center. Membership is based on scholastic 
achievement and citizenship qualifications. This is a national 
scholastic society for community/junior colleges of the College 
enrollment. Members participate in state, regional, and national 

Organizations 241 

Student Nurse Organization — NAHC 

Members of SNO: 

Elvalerte Floyd (Advisor) 

Dene Bass-Simmons (Coordinator) 

Susan Nevels (Secretary) 

Jo Lynn King (Treasurer) 

Terri Phillips (1st Vp) 

Jerry Hollingsworth (2nd Vp) 

Carrie Brown- 

Sonya Owens 

Michelle Mailman 

Pan* Austin 

Chris Roberts 

Justine Chiiders 

Debbie Walters 

Joe Barton (Advisor) 

Charlotte McHenry (Advisor) 

Mary Smith (Pres. Elect) 

Rhonda Haymar 

Judy Akers 

Kefy Tackett 

Lena Waggoner 

SheMy Prescott 

Fannie Mak 
Jeff Hailman 
Andy McRae (President) 
Keili Strong 
Trishe Esfel 
Danza Jackson 
Debbie Partain 
Connie Kim 
Marilyn Lewis 
Christy Norwood 
Teresa Bqadi 
Lori Green 
Jennifer Lawmeyer 
Debbie Harthcock 
Tiffany Evans 
Kathleen Addison 
Totrtmie Mfollingswortfa 
Hal Watson 
John Douglas 
Thomas Moak 
Anita Robinson 


The Student Nurse Organization is open to all HCC Division of 
Associate Degree nursing students. The purpose of this or or- 
ganization is to promote scholarship, leadership skills, the de- 
velopment of professional responsibility, and an awareness of 
community health tare needs. 

Medical Records — NAHC 

1st row: Christina Carter, Jennifer Bishop, Karen M. Young, Cindy Kramer. 2nd row: Julie Robertson, Virginia 
Joe, Denise Passalaqua, Rhonda Henley. 3rd row: Shannon Lewis, Dee Thomas, and Carta Williams. 

The Medical Records Technology Association serves as a link 
between the medical record technology students and their future 
colleagues in the health information field. MRTA meets on a 
semester basis and features local health information professionals 
as presenters exposing students to various career paths that are 
available. Upon graduation, student members are also invited to 
attend meetings and programs of the state Medical Record As- 
sociation free of charge. 

Organizations 243 

VICA — Rankin 

1st row: Joe Yates, Ramiro Caicedo, Steven Carpenter — Treasurer. 2nd row: Jason Churchwell, Cecil Barnett, Nick Lewis. 3rd row: 
Gary West and Anthony Collier. 4th row: Traci Wablington, Warren Baugus — Secretary. 5th row: Michael Tullos, — reporter, 
Tommy Jennings, Chad Sears — President. 

The Vocational and Industrial clubs of America (VICA) is a de- 
velopmental club designed to motivate and develop an enthusiasm 
for learning that will let trade and industrial, technical, and health 
education students take their place in society. Members of VICA are 
offered an opportunity to achieve a sense of accomplishment and 
recognition for skills and abilities through competitive contests on 
local, state, and national levels. 



1st row: Denise Ruffin (Treasurer), Cathy Holiy (Vice President), Shelia Willis (Secretary), Richard S. Monnan 
(Parliamentary). 2nd row: Walter T. Hammack (Chapter Advisor), Leecoy Scott, Tondra Green, Ramen E. Stamps 
(Chairman of Committee), Jerry Thomas, Calvin Robinson (Advisor). 3rd row: James Huff, Weldon Shoulders, Reginald 
Brownlee (Reporter), Destrice Greene, and Daniel Ratliff. Not pictured: Patricia Gooch (President). 

The Vocational and Industrial Clubs of America (VICA) is a developmental 
club designed to motivate and develop an enthusiasm for learning that will 
help trade and industrial, technical, and health education students take their 
place in society- Members of VICA are offered an opportunity to achieve a 
sense of accomplishment and recognition for skills and abilities through 
competitive contests on local, state, and national levels. 

Organizations 245 

Legal Students — JATC 

1st row: Dawn Street, Helen Keyes, Tiffany Jones, Sherry Jones. 2nd row: Tonya Boyanton, Thomas Powell 
Director, Maxie Robinson, Vanessa Wilkes, and Mary Jones. 

The Hinds Association of Legal Students exists to encourage an 
awareness of the importance of the basic skills necessary to do work of 
a legal nature. It also promotes a better understanding of the re- 
sponsibilities involved and acquaints students with the function of the 
judiciary and other departments of the legal field. 

246 Organizations 

Phi Beta Lambda — JATC 

1st row: Gloria Sykes, Angela Griffin, Cheryl Carr — Advisor, Cornelius Broker, Tujuana Mason, Dell Broadway 
Advisor. 2nd Row: Aundral McDonald, Angela Tornes, Sandra McDonald, Bernita Ruffin 

The Phi Beta Lambda is a national organization for students in 
post-secondary institutions enrolled in business programs. The 
organization operates under the guidance of business leaders, state 
supervisors, school administrators, and business men and women. 
Activities included in PEL help students prepare for business and 
office occupations. 

Organizations 247 

Phi Theta Kappa — JATC 


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1st row: Linda Pates — Advisor, Anita R. Clay — Treasurer, Cynthia Price — Co-Advisor. 2nd row: Berenda 
Pendleton — chapter President, Kim L, Knight — chapter Vice-President. 

The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa to recognize and encourage scholarship 
among associate degree student. To achieve this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa 
provides opportunity for the development of leadership and service, an 
intellectual climate to exchange ideals, lively fellowship for scholars, and 
stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence. PTK meets twice 
a month on Thursday's. 

248 Organizations 


1st row: Linda Sludaway, Lashell Stevar (assistant secretary), LeKlta Nichols, Fannie McCool. 2nd row: Alice M. 
Trigg, Michelle Ford (Vice President), Karte Berry (President). 

PASTE (The Preschool Association of Students, Teachers, and 
Educators) is an organization designed for those interested in child 
care. PASTE meets throughout the year showing informative 
programs involving child care. 

Organizations 249 

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I wish we had some new drinking fountains! 

i can't wait until 1 get a real horse! 


I thought I paid those parking tickets! 

Everyone is waiting to ride in these new campus street cars! 

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Editor's Closing 

Well, what can I say? 1 never knew working on an entire book could 
put me through such agony! Not to mention all the nightmares 1 had. 
At least you already knew, Tara! We managed to finish this book at 
the very last minute — but haven't you heard the expression "Better 
late than never?" Much thanks to Bob for always putting up with us 
and not killing us, and to Tammi for finding those "lost" pictures and 
running all over the six locations. Thanks to Jeff for being our 
awesome photographer, and to Phil for helping us out and keeping us 
out of gigantic trouble with Bob. This has been an interesting year as 
an editor and 1 will definitely wish future editors the best with this 
book. I didn't think so at the time of production, but it's worth it. 
Well, thanks, take it easy, and don't forget to have an awesome 

1995-96 Co Editors: Tara Hall & Shelly Chapman 


The 1996 Eagle was produced by the Hinds Community College 
yearbook staff. The volume was published by Taylor Publishing 
Company of Dallas, Texas, during the Spring Semester of 1996. 
Our Taylor Publishing representatives were Ben Allen and Janey 

SPECIFICATION: This is a 9 x 12 book and contains 256 pages 
and is printed on 80 lb. enamel paper. A smythe binding was used 
in this publication and spot color is used in the opening and feature 
sections of this book. 

STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY: Formal homecoming court and beau- 
ty photos were taken by Larry Coleman. Classes, faculty, and staff 
portraits were taken by Bruckner Photography. The Year in Re- 
view photos were by Associated Press of New York City, NY. All 
other photography was done by student photographers of the 
Eagle yearbook and by Tammi Bowles of the Hinds Community 
College Public Relations Department. 

The 1995 Eagle is a student-edited yearbook produced at the 
Raymond Campus of Hinds Community College in Raymond, MS. 
The viewpoints represented in this yearbook are solely of the staff 
and in no way intend to reflect college policy. 

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